Sheffield Takeover

Green Room:|Jack’s Rake|Mother Folkers |Electric Sermon| Dave Roberts Effect|Pocket Satellite | The Washington:|Double No No|Don Barrell Gents|Feeds |Treebeard|Soulmates Never Die|The Forum:|7 Black Tentacles|Oblong |Screaming Maldini |The Harley:|Burleskimo|Andy H |Junglist Alliance|Sequoia DJs| DQ:|Mime|The Marauders|Club Pony DJs: Six Foot Sick & Up and Atom

Five Venues, more than 20 local artists, live, just £5.

Green Room (First Act 18:00): Jack’s Rake, Mother Folkers, Dave Roberts Effect, Pocket Satellite
The Washington( First Act 18:00): Don Barrell Gents, Feeds, Treebeard, Soulmates Never Die
The Forum (First Act 20:30): The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles, Oblong, Screaming Maldini
The Harley (First Act 22:00): Burleskimo, Andy H, Junglist Alliance, Sequoia DJs
DQ (20:00): MIME (Maybe I Might Explode), The Marauders, Miseria Lost, Club Pony DJs: Six Foot Sick & Up and Atom

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